Bobs Organic Farm

Bob’s Organic Farm was started just over 2 years ago to address the lack of high quality organic, non–GMO food in Maryland. The mission of Bobs Organic Farm LLC is to produce the best quality food possible. Farming to rigorous organic standards Bobs Organic Farm LLC provides a comfortable, free range environment to its animals to eliminate the need for feed additives or medicine to keep the animals healthy.

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Bobs Organic Farm Owners

Bobs Organic Farm features all natural GMO free pork, as organic lamb, chicken and goats; as well as selected vegetables.

The key to our farming philosophy is small numbers of animals that are given lots of space to enjoy. The use of large pastures for small numbers of animals allows us to exclude all forms of fertilizers and pesticides from our farm – even those allowed by the USDA for organic farming. Instead we rely heavily on composting and reutilizing farm products to promote a sustainable farm – for example we use our free-range chickens for insect control in our orchard. Our main strategy to maintain animal health is to provide ample room so that small numbers of animals are never crowded in holding pens or barns. All of our grazing animals are given unlimited 365 days a year access to pasture grass with their diet supplemented with certified organic hay during the winter months. We believe that this approach to natural animal health along with our low stress approach to interacting with the animals provides the highest quality healthiest food possible.